iCode software is a computer program that helps you to decode the iCode strings from RESmart AutoCPAP device or other BMC sleep apnea therapy devices, and generate RESmart iCode Report for homecare providers. The report provides a series of therapy statistics, such as Average P95 (hPa), AHI, SNI and so on.

iCode Availability


iCode feature is currently available for RESmart AutoCPAP System. This feature was released on September 21, 2009, beginning with the firmware version 1.47, which has been upgraded continuously. For more information about firmware version and firmware upgrading, including enhanced iCode functions, please contact your service provider.

iCode Strings


There are 6 groups of iCode strings available for AutoCPAP device or other BMC sleep apnea therapy devices.  

iCode 1: provides data for the last 1 day of usage.
iCode 7: provides a summary of the last 7 days of usage.
iCode 30: provides a summary of the last 30 days of usage.
iCode 60: provides a summary of the last 60 days of usage.
iCode 90: provides a summary of the last 90 days of usage.
iCode 182: provides a summary of the last half a year of usage.
iCode 365: provides a summary of the last 365 days of usage.

Sample iCode Strings


Device Serial Number: BTX1309J112


iCode 1: 0995514010100977
iCode 7: 1716014020100668
iCode 30: 2606514040300554
iCode 60: 3676915050524249
iCode 90: 4568017060624237
iCode 182: 5777518080700049
iCode 365: 6797220091000187

Generating Report


How to get iCode Strings from device?

1. Make sure the device is plugged in and turned on.
2. Enter the patient menu:press and hold “Ramp Button” for 3 seconds, and then you will see "Heater" be shown on the screen.
3. Press "+" until you see "iCode", make sure it is "Enable". If not, press "Ramp Button" and then press "+" to change it to "Enable".
4. Press "+", when you see "Save" on the screen, then press "Ramp Button" in order to save the settings.
5. After that, press "Heated Humidifier Button" once, then get "iCode 1".
6. Repeat it, until the "iCode 365" is displayed and read the iCode Strings.

How to get the report?

1. Fill in the blanks with "*" in the web page.
2. Complete the clinical and patient information if you need.
3. Press "report" button and get compliance report.

4. Press "Get PDF" button to get report as "*.PDF" document.
5. Print it or save it.

iCode Report Definitions


Days Count

Shows the count of days for each timeframe. In most cases, however, the day count is equal to the days in the code's timeframe (s).

Days of Therapy

Shows the number of days in the timeframe where the total usage each day is at least 4 hours.

Days of Therapy (%)

Shows the percentage of days in the timeframe where the total usage each day is at least 4 hours.

Avg. Daily Compliance (hh:mm)

Average time in patient to use the device of sleep therapy.  


Auto pressure at or below the pressure 95-percent of that it is in use.


Mean Pressure

The mean pressure level, in hPa, delivered within the selected range.


Apnea/Hypopnea Index (AHI), represents the average number of the apnea and hypopnea per hour for the timeframe.



Snore Index (SNI), represents the mean snore count per hour.

High Leak (>90 LPM) Time (%)

Percentage of time where leak was above 90 liters per minute.

Treatment Pressure

On APAP device, Treatment Pressure refers to setting of bottom therapy pressure; On CPAP device, Treatment Pressure is therapy pressure.

Best 30-Day Adherence Score

The Best 30-Day Adherence Score is a percentage of the best consecutive 30 days of usage that meet the nPAP compliance requirements. For example, if within the last 30 days, there were 22 days above the adherence threshold (4 hours or more of continuous use each night), the Adherence Score would be 73.3% which would satisfy the nPAP compliance requirements. It shows the best adherence percentage achieved for any rolling period of 30 consecutive days of use within a 60-day time frame and a 90-day time frame.

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